Ride northeast, through the lush green countryside of Hungary and perfect Baroque towns of Czech Republic. To the southwest, you can tour the Tuscan countryside of Italy, and the excellent motorcycle terrain of the islands of Corsica and Sardinia. To the south east, the empty roads through the low mountains and wide valleys including the stunning azure-blue Adriatic Coast of Croatia and the Mediterranean Coast of Greece. 

Log Pod Mangartom, a small, Alpine village in the center of Europe. Our location is ideal for touring Central and Eastern Europe, From Log Pod Mangartom you can head into the twisty mountain roads of the Alps of Slovenia and Austria or to the Dolomites of Italy. A must drive is Mangart road heads up towards Mount Mangart, and is the highest road in Slovenia (going over 2,000 meters).

This part of Julian alps takes you through countless hairpins, twisties and some canyon riding along Soca river. Enjoy winding through rolling back country hills that make riding exciting and a real adventure, taste delicious food and find out all about the friendliness of the local people.